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iTunes Descriptions

iTunes is program for easy data exchange between your computer and your iPod, iPhone and iPad. This program allows you to store all your data like: music, movies, books, etc. in one place at the same time you don’t need to search for your favorite song among a large number of disks. Through iTunes you can easily sync your favorite songs and movies and then search in the collections of the program already. You can organize your files as convenient for you.

iTunes allows you to select any song or movie that fits your mood and play it wherever you are and with Genius feature you can listen to mixes that are well combined with each other. You can easily choose a melody or film that fits your current mood and play it with no problems, no matter where you are. You can easily buy desired songs and movies on the iTunes Store and they will be in your library forever. Once you’ve downloaded all the files you need you can easily create personal playlists, which can be signed and organized as you wish, so you can easily open a playlist and play it, whether it is a party or workout. Also, for simple search of your favorite songs iTunes created rating from one to five, so you can simply choose a song and put the right amount of stars and all of your favorite tracks will be always close at hand. If you have a problem “What to listen?” iTunes can help you to solve it by mixing your songs. Also, there is a function called Genius, which itself creates mixes by searching and combining appropriate songs, based on your preferences. You will definitely like these mixes. Genius is able to create its own playlists, you just need to choose your favorite song and press the “Start Genius” and Genius will find similar songs and create a playlist.

iTunes can be used as an ordinary media player, it supports various audio and video files formats. To really appreciate the beauty and reliability of iTunes you need to have on had the entire collection of Apple devices, starting from iPod and ending with MacBook as it all synchronized with each other in iTunes. However, if you don’t own any Apple device it doesn’t matter, simply download the program and you for sure will find something interesting for yourself.

Why there is x64 and x32 bit version of iTunes for Windows 8/8.1?
The x64 bit version is recommended for those who are running 64 bit Windows 8/8.1 operating system. Others should download x32 bit version of iTunes.

What is new added in the latest version of iTunes and why it is so important to download the latest version of iTunes for Windows 8/8.1?
There are a lot of new features added in the last version of iTunes. Also, the latest version includes the most recent security and bug fixes. The latest version of iTunes has improved performance, new interface and much more.

Need iTunes for Windows 10?
Download iTunes for Windows 10 64 /32 bit. Latest Version.